Fire and Water Restoration Services


FireWorks are pleased to offer Fire Restoration Services as follows:

  • Emergency make safe cleans to return premises to a habitable state;
  • Removal of debris;
  • On site cleaning of contents;
  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstered items;
  • Restoration of furniture and artwork;
  • Provision for pack outs using our specialty app to catalogue all contents damaged and removed off site by FireWorks for storage and cleaning;
  • Storage – 800m2 of storage facility enabling us to clean contents at our facility and store until the premises has been suitably repaired;
  • Service to outsource electrical testing, dry cleaning and other specialised works;
  • Pressure cleaning of contaminated surfaces;
  • Emergency make safe to properties.

We aim to only restore contents which are economical to restore to save the cost of unnecessary works being undertaken.



  • Water restoration including cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings;
  • Lifting of damaged carpets, underlay and floating floors;
  • Structural drying of water damaged surfaces;
  • Pressure cleaning;
  • Mould remediation;
  • Sewage decontamination.



  • Builders cleans;
  • Removal and storage of contents to enable other works to be undertaken;
  • Graffiti Removal;
  • Removal & disposal of debris;
  • Non-structural demolition;
  • Grout and Tile cleaning;
  • Rug cleaning;
  • Dust proofing of rooms to enable works to proceed in rooms without contaminating undamaged areas
  • Cataloging of damaged contents